How it works

How to Raise on Tarmiye

Learn about startup finance and how to raise capital on Tarmiye

  • STEP 1: SIGN UP AND JOIN Tarmiye

    Enter your name and email address to create a user account on Tarmiye. (The form to be filled has the this fields to be filed: First name, last name, email address, phone number, company trade name, your title in the company, company website address (optional for now), Location of the company, number of founders/employers, upload company logo, upload team photos and your funding goal)

    What sorts of companies are a fit for Tarmiye?
    We work with companies who are:

    • Early stage entrepreneurs
    • Startups in ideation stage
    • SMEs in expansion stage
    • Proffered equity
    • Loan
    To be accepted, the startups will undergo evaluation process.


    Your initial application will give us some basic information about your company and funding round so that we can assess whether you would be a good fit for the Tarmiye platform. This information is used by our Venture Team and Screening Committee to assess your application and decide whether or not to proceed with the due diligence process.

    What do I need to complete my application?

    • Upload your complete business plan
    • Upload at least three photos of products or service you provide
    • Upload promo video for your project
    • Select region where your business is based
    • Select the town where your business is based
    • Fill the latitude and longitude of your business location (GPS)
    • Founding members (at least three with titles and telephones)

    Your application will go through an initial screening by the communications team to ensure that your company and fundraising terms a fit for Tarmiye. During this process, we will connect with your management team to discuss any follow-up items. Finally, your campaign will be presented to our Screening Committee.

    Screening Criteria
    The screening committee will consider your value proposition, the problem you are solving, your competitive advantages, your team, potential market size, competition, and traction among other factors.


    If your profile and business startup idea is accepted to Tarmiye, it will be made live and you can start your campaign.

    How can I start my campaign?

    • Create a strategy to run your campaign ( Tarmiye team will support you)
    • Announce and promote it in your social media
    • Use promotional materials
    • Promo videos
    • Continually share in your social media
    • Share your campaign in person
    • Use phone, email, text, pitch in events, bulletin boards, news article, flyers,


    We will work with you complete the final legal documentation and to transfer funds to your bank account or you will collect cheque from our office. For now, the platform will not charge fees for fundraiser projects.