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Harhubfundly or Harhubseed, the first donation based crowdfunding platform for startups and entrepreneurs in Somaliland/Somalia was established in 2019 by Harhub, Hargeisa’s first entrepreneurship and innovation hub. Shocked by how difficult it was for youth in Somalia/Land to raise capital for their startups and innovation projects, harhub’s team made several initiative including this to make it easier for promising early-stage entrepreneurs to raise capital online. With the help of Oxfam office in Hargeisa, Spark (Dutch development corporation company) and Shaqodoon (local NGO working on the reduction of youth unemployment in Somalia/Land), Harhub established the much awaited local crowdfunding site as alternative form of financing for young entrepreneurs.


Support entrepreneurs to thrive .


Our mission is simple: Connecting entrepreneurs to their communities to get the capital and resources they need.

Meet Our Team

This is the team of harhubfundraiser.

Khadra Ali

Harhub Manager

Abdikarim Ali

Community manager

Mohamud Batalaale

Investment officer

X-Front desk officer

X-Front desk officer